SEO writing : How to write a high traffic blog


Seo is Search Engine Optimization. Oldies could find this article very common, but it is recommended for newbies to read and understand the basic concept of SEO optimization from this guide, which will help to increase traffic, organically.

But, Why are we discussing about SEO? And how to optimize articles, to make it SEO friendly? Let’s start from the most basic question, What is Search engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is SEO optimization?

Optimization of the content, in such a way that it appears at the top of Google search results. Well, there are many factors involved in doing so and one could achieve this with a regular practice and proper research. We’ll discuss the factors and steps in the upcoming paragraphs.

Why SEO?

With an increase in number of Bloggers or content writers, the competition among various niche blogs are also increasing and the content for a specific topic is present on search engine in an excess amount. So, what are the chances to see your article appearing on the first page and first link in google search result and the other social engines?

Well, the answer for the above question depends on several things, like Keywords, Backlinks etc. But, let’s not make it complex for newbies with some new terms and discuss the basic motto of SEO is to appear higher in google search and to increase traffic, organically.

Organic traffic means traffic on website, without sponsoring article or doing any paid promotion. It is natural traffic.

Since, we know the basic motto and definition of SEO, let’s discuss various factors that could help in increase search rank for your article or, in other words, make the article SEO Optimized. 

Four key things to care of, while optimizing an article to make it SEO friendly,

1.Keyword Research

First of all, What is a keyword?

Anything that defines your search is a keyword, for example, you want to know cricketers and their jobs, so type ‘jobs of cricketers‘  or simply type ‘cricketers and their jobs’ in google search engine, well the term you are typing in google search that is the keyword. It could be a long tailed or short tailed keyword, which depends on the type of article, we wish to write.

Long tail keywords simply means long keywords like the above ‘cricketers and their jobs’ whereas short tail keywords could be anything like ‘foodbymood’ or ‘goibibo review’.

Follow certain tips discussed below to analyze keywords:

  • The keyword chosen should be catchy, popular and upto the point.
  • After selection of keyword, initiate writing article and make notice that keyword is used once in first paragraph, once in H1 or H2 tag of article and also use related keyword as per requirement.
  • Try to maintain the Keyword density in between 2-5%, in the article. Keyword density is number of times the keyword used per total number of words present in any article.
  • Unique keyword for an article, gives fair chances of increasing rank in google search. Keywords that are never used before in any article of a website, are unique keywords.
  • Input keywords in URL of the article, this is help googlebot find the article quickly and make it appear at the top. Remember, don’t use stop words (a, the, of, and, etc.) in the article link, this is a bad practice for optimizing SEO content.

2. SEO Title

  • Keywords should be strictly present in the article title, which should be crisp.
  • Try not exceed 70 Characters or more while writing title for the content. Mind that Characters are different from words, we’ll discuss this in the end.

3.Body of the Blog ( SEO optimized)

  • Body of the blog is the represents the explanatory part of your content’s SEO title. Try to write articles that include minimum 300 words which is recommended for any SEO based writing.
  • Writing large articles worths better because it makes a reader to stay long on your website that helps in building website trust score. Yes it does, but only if your article is interesting and relevant for that user.
    You may ask, why SukeIndia doesn’t offer big articles that contains 700+ words in it. This is because right now we haven’t yet published any SEO content and we maintain simple SEO tips like you can find we write minimum 300 words in our article. With an analyzed keyword from the article. But being precise, I won’t say that’s content writing.
  • Try to include Headings and Sub-headings and should include the keyword present within( although not necessary but it’s better to use it if you can).
  • Try to include valid outbound links(at-least one or two) to make reference for the points you state in your article. This improves author’s trust on the reader.  There are other reasons too to provide backlinks but at initial stage it’s better to know the simplest reason.

4. Meta Description

Every product you display on board needs to be described to let people know what it is before buying.
See how easy it was. Isn’t it?
Exactly. In this case, the product is your blog/article. Board is the result on search engine page and people here describes your readers.
Nikki says “My article describes everything, then why do I need to describe it again?”
Not a bad question, every beginner has this question ( even I did) infact I’ll thanks Nikki to ask this question. Because that makes me to describe it for you ( nothing to worry about 😉 ).
Meta Description is  a short description of your content  that attract the public to read out your article. It’s like better the description, better the chances of getting your content read by people in the first glimpse.

  • Make notice the meta description contains the primary keyword / phrase.
  • Meta description should include not more than 156 character as the character exceeding 156 won’t be displayed by the search engine.

Other Suggestions for SEO friendly writing

  • Try to include short slugs. Slugs represents the phrases used in URL of your content.
  • Check it out how tough or easy your blog looks for a reader. This can be tested with many tools like Read-Able or  Flesch Reading Ease Test and try to score high because higher the score ,easier it becomes for us to read.(This article has a read-able score of Grade 7 that lists it out an easy to read  article for those aged between 12-13 )
  • Plagiarised contents are enemies of Search Engines. So try to make your article original this boosts the level of SEO and makes your blog different from others. Use plagiarism tools like Plagiarism Checker, SmallSEOtools.
  • The images used on page should contain alt tags containing your keyword / phrase.

Hard to get that? Now let me summarize it for you.

The first thing to look over is the “Keyword“. Spend enough time on it because the keyword decides your topic. Then assign a relevant and catchy Title for your blog that contains the keyword (try to sum up in not more than 70 characters*). As soon as you assign a title, move to the next step which is writing your article that should contain more than 300 words(recommended minimum) and  optimized with keyword density of 2-5 % for a good SEO.
Next step is including a “Meta Description“. Try to make it attractive with not exceeding 156 characters.  That’s it.
Easy now?

So finally, you’ve done with all that?

Congratz! You just wrote a SEO content. But wait, Don’t wish to share the achievement?
Oh no! That’s not fair because this will waste your hard work of 1-3 hours which you took to write such an awesome content.

So what to do? In simple words “Share” the content.To get it visible in the social media.
And follow the 40-60 rule  which states 40 % time spent on writing and 60% on sharing. Yes, it works. Because it it is important  to share your post to public in social media so that you attract a large crowd and rest you know that your hard work will pay.

(* Character are simply the number of elements included in a word. For example, word “Life” has 4 characters, “SEO” has 3 characters and so on..)

Anything missing? It will add to my pleasure if you mention any edits or suggestions to add something to my SEO writing.
Loved it? Then what are you waiting for. Just starting giggling your own SEO content like this. And do not forget to share it with those desires to be a content writer. Feel free to ask any questions. Good time Bloggers.
Will come up with something interesting next time. Thanks for reading, hope it helped you anyway.

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