Some people say, “The future is now.” With the influx of innovative smartphones, gadgets and innovative ideas, who would disagree? What else supports this statement? Drones.

The mere word can automatically stir one’s imagination. They give out an impression that they’re robots with wings and we can’t really debate on this. To give you an idea why they are a big deal, here are 10 Incredible and interesting uses of drones.

drones uses tricopter


With the influx of drone technology, enthusiasts have come up with a fun and innovative idea to enjoy them. Drone racing is a fun and truly state of the art. Operators of these racing drones wear headsets similar to virtual reality-type of headsets. So the “feel” is that they’re controlling these like they’re riding and operating these gadgets from the inside. Drone racers have also recorded their races and sometimes customize them to look like Star war’s Millennium Falcon or the X-wing.

Airplane Inspection

To save time and effort, aviation personnel have devised a plan to use drones in inspecting airplanes that are done regularly to ensure aviation safety. Engineers have been trained to use these drones that are equipped with HD cameras to take both videos and photos of the different parts of an aircraft. It now takes less time to inspect and investigate the top part of airplanes.

Search and Rescue

Since drones have are undeniably flexible, versatile and easy to maneuver, the potential to use them for search and rescue missions is glaring. Drones are used to search for survivors in during floods and other disaster areas that are unsafe or difficult for search and rescue team to operate.

Bird Deterrent

To prevent fatal bird strikes that can prove disastrous for the airline industry, these portable flyers are also used to ward off birds. Flying and buzzing away, these prove useful in preventing bird strikes during takeoff. It’s another innovation that drones have brought the airline industry success in accident related bird strikes.

Food Delivery

Pizza delivery is still a work in progress. Domino’s Pizza previously released a video showing a drone delivering pizza. It might not go mainstream right away, but things are still being worked on regarding the costing and its dynamics. Amazon has also sent feelers to use drones to deliver different products and items; the future of drone delivery is bright.

Film-making and Commercials

Using high-end products, you can expect dramatic shots and great views to be easily attainable. High-performance drones paired with an hd camera is every movie maker’s dream.


Armed with night-vision cameras, these can be useful tools for surveillance. Be it police, military, wildlife protection and border surveillance, it would surely get the job done.  These surveillance drones can send real-time footage in aid of investigation or police operation. These types of drone operations are proven to save lives and it won’t be a surprise if this trend continues.

Should we accept it or not, technology allowed drones to become a part of our lives. It’s interesting to see innovations being done to answer different needs of the society. Expect more challenging and interesting roles that drones would take part in.  It’s an interesting era for drones, so have fun with them, enjoy memorable moments and appreciate what technology has brought us!

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