Followers of Dr. Shashi Tharoor knows it very well, how he nailed the moment while addressing the crowd during the Oxford Union debate and explained why Britain owes Reparations to India.

There’s no doubt on his ability to hold the public captive with just his words, Shashi Tharoor, this time grabbed the scrutiny by sharing his words at an event hosted by Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School.

When a student asked him “You are a member of Indian National Congress, and given today the kind of image Congress has in India, do you have any opinion or views to improve its image?

He gave an interesting reply explaining why is he still connected with the Congress Party in spite of the party having a bad image in current scenario.

And soon after that a student asked him about the Aamir Khan issue, “What are your views on the issue of intolerance raised by Aamir Khan?“, to which, Shashi Tharoor exhibited a diplomatic side supporting Aamir’s speech and explaining how media creates a big issue of those statements, which are not actually meant by the addresser.

No matter you hate or like Dr. Shashi Tharoor, watching his speeches and debates at various events (especially the Oxford Union Debate) will make you fascinated to listen and watch more and more of Shashi Tharoor events and make you think is he really a part of Congress Party.

Do not miss to watch the video, in case it is not feasible to watch the whole event video, Please scroll the pointer at 48:08 mins on the video and get to know about the answers for the above questions discussed.

The India Conference at Harvard is one of the largest India related conference in the US. It took place on 6th & 7th of February, 2016.

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