We often hear about some bizarre records that are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. One such weird record is documented for a man having the longest fingernails in the world. Shridhar Chillal is the one who has managed to preserve the nails of his left hand, for over 65 years. Now, he is planning to cut them off and set them for display in a museum.

Sounds Interesting, Yay?

Take a look over the journey of his life that was not so easy, as it sounds.

Weird, but Fascinating! Shridhar Chillal and his Journey of Growing Nails

shridhar chillal young
Shridhar Chillal in a Photograph

For every challenge we need a motivation to succeed. Shridhar got the motivation to grow nails from his teacher.

One day, Shridhar’s friend badly broke a nail of his teacher. They all got beaten up by the teacher who would always keep longer nails. On asking why they got the beating, his teacher said, ‘You won’t understand, because you’ve never grown long nails.’

This statement by his teacher posed a challenge in front of Shridhar and his friends, and they started to grow their own nails. It has been 65 years since then (1952), he didn’t cut the nails of his left hand.

Length of Shridhar’s Fingernails were Proportional to the Problems faced by him

shridhar fingernails problems
Length of Shridhar’s Fingernails

As the length of his fingernails grew, the problems in his life were also increasing.

Family insisted him to cut them off and his teachers too opposed him. But, Shridhar by then had already decided that he would never cut his nails again.

Difficulties appeared everywhere in his life… in an interview he said, “My family really didn’t like it. No one would wash my clothes, I had to wash them myself.”

Also, no one was ready to employ him. At the time he was supposed to get married, nobody was willing to marry him. He saw about 10-12 girls, out of which, even if the girl is ready, her parents would warn that he might strangle her neck. On the other hand, if the parents agreed, the girl would call him a dirty person and refuse.

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Finally, his elder brother’s sister in law agreed to marry him at the age of 29 and the approach to his ambition was changed. The criticism he faced before, existed no more.

He claims, his appearance in the Guinness Book of Records, remains one of his biggest achievements. His entry into the records made him so popular that he wouldn’t need to stand in the queue for anything, people know him and they let him go ahead.

Let’s do the Counting Now

To perform an adjudication of the record, Guinness World Records team visited Shridhar’s home in Pune, Maharashtra on the 17th of November, 2014.

It was found that the combined length of his fingernails on left hand, was 909.6 Centimeters with the thumb nail measures an unbelievable length of 197.8 centimeters.

shridhar chillal
via Guinness World Records

The counting was done using a string, so that it can be rolled over his nails easily and then the string was measured using a tape to talk of the numbers, in centimeters.

Now that, Shridhar has grown very old, and his nails too are turning fragile and he could not earn enough due to longer nails, he said he would give them to the museum and earn some compensation for a living.

On being asked how does these affects the veteran’s life, he explained they are very fragile now and needs to be very careful while sleeping, he added, “I can’t move much, so every half an hour or so I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed.”

Anyway, the journey of his life might be a difficult one, but he never thought he would be famous globally for his nails, which was opposed by everyone.

So, this was a glimpse of the life of Shridhar Chillal, with a weird goal and record breaking accomplishment he has achieved what he wanted. Do you know any such bizarre events or achievements that you would like to discuss with us? Let us know in the comments below and share it with your friends if you like it.

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