The greatest Science Fiction Series, Star Trek is back into action with a new Reboot movie, ‘Beyond‘ under a new director, Justin Lin and all the Trekkies revealed their excitement about the new gen movie, which is released in the 50th Year Anniversary (1966-2016) of the Star Trek series.

star trek 22 julyKick-started in 1979, Star Trek thumped the big screens with a bash and then, there was no looking back, which led it to mark a huge success by adding 12 more movies into the series.
With Beyond’s release on 22nd July in India, the critics have shown an upbeat interest in the movie. This action-packed sci-fi movie has cleared the way to become one of the blockbusters of this year by competing smoothly with GhostbustersIce Age: Collision Course. 
Some critics say, “It’s the first Star Trek movie since 2009 that actually feels like Star Trek“, so this reveals how stupendous the movie is. Apart from the reviews, the movie actually comes up with big ideas this time, adding one more best film to the Trek Kitty.

Wait, New to Star Trek?

It might be a complex task for a beginner to decide, which movie to watch first and what are these original and reboot versions of movie.

Leonard_Nimoy_William_Shatner_Star_Trek_1968FYI, the original Star Trek refers to that of 1966 series, which was later cancelled in 1969.
The first movie in Star Trek ‘The Motion Picture’ was brought into action in 1979, with the pool of its original characters (Spock, Kirk, etc.) from the tv series. The series continued with no hitch and the last movie ‘The Undiscovered Country’ was released in 1991.

The Next Generation era lasted for 8 years with 4 movies released between 1994 to 2002. Whereas, Star Trek Franchise planned to launch the Reboot version with a change in characters and released the movie Star Trek in 2009, followed by ‘Into the Darkness’ and the recently released, ‘Beyond’. The comeback with this new starship enterprise, was so marvelous that it was loved by everyone.

Best Star Trek Movie

Among the best, lies the rest. It’s a tough call to decide the best, but no doubt the reboot ‘Star Trek’ in 2009 by J.J. Abrams and the originals, ‘The Wrath of Khan’ in 1982 by Nicholas Meyer can easily make it to the best movies in the series. Definitely, reboot movie was revolutionary, but the Star Trek II was a classic with the all time greatest villain in the history of Star Trek Franchise. Also, an emotional setback in the end leaves a great impact in the minds of Trekkies, with addition of some random twists and witty plots in the movie.

Star Trek in India

The buzz about #StarTrekIndia that has unfurled the rave critic reviews, is one of the avant- garde marketing strategy by any movie production team, thus making it to be a never-to-miss movie. Also, a crazy Space Activation event in Mumbai, before its release, marked a unique way of promoting the movie.

space activation

As per the Box Office Collection, Star Trek (2009) beat the records of being Highest Grossing Star Trek ever, but will Star Trek ‘Beyond’ surpass all the previous records and make it to next level with the new generation audience?

Till then, just “Live long and Prosper” and spend the weekend, watching the new version of Star Trek and enjoy the new era of Trekkers world.

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