With a Mission of creating an equal digital music industry, Deliver My Tune has accomplished a new feat in the music distribution market with their amazing startup.

Launched a few months ago, Deliver My Tune will enthrall not just the famous artists, but also the raw talent with sources and help them in shaping their Dreams. Also, they are India’s first registered aggregators that will help any kind of artists to distribute their albums.

Indian Market is not familiar with the term “Music Distribution”

Music Distribution, which means delivery or distribution of music content into recognized platforms. It can either be done by self distribution or with the help of an aggregator, which are third parties that can help artists to meet technical requirements, deliver and manage their content and assist them in marketing efforts. Study reveals, the Indian market that ranks 20 in worldwide ranking, has a retail value of 100.2 Billion with physical distribution occupying 31% of distribution part and online distribution taking 58% in its account. Also, there’s not yet a single registered aggregator to promote this service resulting in less competition between companies in this sector. Thus making music distribution, an unfamiliar term in Indian Market.

But, music distribution (also digital distribution) accounts for a huge scope, with many new startups raising up amazing opportunities for thousands of Artists in India and giving them a platform to share their music at online stores.

But, why there’s a need of music distribution websites?

It is legal to ask a question or a doubt. Some might even doubt, why don’t we share our albums to all platforms, on our own?

The reason for this is, it’s not so easy. Deliver My Tune is founded to provide a solution for this issue. Its Founder says, the company is a result of some Personal Experiences. Days ago, when he and his guitar teacher was about to release some of his recordings, physical release was set soon and was ready in a few days, but they faced a lot of problems in digital distribution. That’s where the idea of Deliver My Tune ignited their mind and then they came up with this solution of creating an easy distribution platform.

Various types of problems may be faced by the artists while distribution process, sometimes they cannot fulfill the requirements of different stores, or if they consider help of any third party company which are not yet registered, there are chances they may lose any of their rights or even there are chances of getting less royalties in sharing.

What does Deliver My Tune do?

Deliver My Tune(DMT), a worldwide aggregator for music distribution, distributes music over 12 music stores like Google Play Music, Wynk music, Saavn, etc. They believe by building this platform they’ve made it easy for everyone to share their music digitally with giving the artists full rights and 100% control over their songs distribution. And it will surely reduce the problem of music distribution where an artist had to worry if they meet up the requirements of all stores, be it technical or financial.

They have proposed an artist friendly portal and assures to provide best in class service. The artists have to pay the minimum amount for their service that varies for an album or a song, but they let you keep 90% royalty for your songs. After distribution, DMT provides UPC and ISRC codes to the artists, which is considered as Digital Copyrights that remains with the artists even after the cancellation of distribution. Amazing, isn’t it?

With their strong vision, they are craving for good quality music which touches the heart and souls of these desirous people in World. Can they make it possible?

Founder’s Desk

Founded by Vibhor Goel, the CEO of Deliver My Tune (DMT), believes that the platform built, is an output of the demanding work done by his group that has 7 members involving Akshay Mehta as CTO & Founding Member, and Shresth Goel as PR & Founding Member. Also crediting, the IT company of Amsterdam helped DMT in their website development.

For more info please visit:

Website : Deliver My Tune
Email IDcontact@delivermytune.com


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