Learning a language is never easy without the guidance of someone already an expert in that language. It takes days or weeks to find an expert and consumes pocket money to fulfill the wish of learning a new language.  Also, if somebody is interested in learning more than one language at a time, there isn’t any incentive or a solution for his/her problem. There are many challenges faced by people while learning new languages, it can be the money issue or time issue, sometimes the teaching process is poor or there is no access to native speakers.


With 21st century, evolving the startup era, technology has made the tough look easy and changed the minds to think of converting impossible to possible. One such Startup named Languing, has utilized the technological resources to develop a social platform for learning languages.

Founded in May, 2014, Languing is a free language network where one can learn, practice and share any language, from one corner of the world to the other, through video- conferences. This language learning startup believes in changing the world, so they have evolved the learning portal into a social platform where people can meet interesting people from anywhere around the globe and learn (as well as teach) the language they are studying. Also, one can look forward to expand business networks while learning a new language because Languing has an occupation filter for searching a partner.

How to use Languing?

Making friends, learning new languages and increasing network, Languing want us all to make friends while learning the language.

Using Languing is as easy as pie. One needs to sign up with their credentials (they have enabled Facebook Sign up as well) and then login using their email/username and password. After getting in, the user will be dropped into a landing page showing various users from different regions. User can see which language do they know and which language are they studying right now.

Languing has also enabled the level of language learning ( like Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, etc.) and the search filter has some advanced options, which allows a user to search people based on their gender, country, age, profession and interests. Once the user finds the relevant people, he/she can add them as a friend or can contact them via text, call or a video conference call.


An amazing translator is set up near the chat box, which enables a user to convert any kind of language as per their need, like for example if John from USA, meets a Spanish guy who doesn’t understand English, so he can use the translator to convert his text into Spanish and can talk to him with no hassle.


In a recent update, Languing has also enabled a new option that offers people a chance to become a teacher (a paid service), where a user can teach anyone interested and gain connections. Simply fill the registration form (offering 1 month Languing Teacher trial) and appear first in the search filters to get more visibility.

Internet of Things – How will it help Languing to expand their services.

According to a report from the International Telecommunication Union, the number of online users upsurge from  738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015.

internet users trend-languing

With the fact that online users are increasing day by day, especially in the developing countries, it is clearly visible that social networks that enhance learning will create a great market in the coming future and their resources will be helpful to many people using their services.

Also, a study by IE Business School, in 2011, reveals that 37% of the people surveyed believed that online platform is one of the best ways to learn a language, in comparison to 32% of people surveyed chose language courses abroad is the efficient way of learning a new language.

This is 2016, the interest of learning a language online must have expanded with many social networks like Languing and other language learning platforms available.

Does Languing solves the problem of Learning Language?

Of course it does, with its sleek UI (still in Beta mode) and amazing look, Languing has established a user base with tons of people getting involved and using the social platform for learning.

Though joining an abroad, language courses looks a beneficial option, but for those who wish to do everything right from their home, Languing beats everything. In a short interview with beroomers, CEO said, “The main tip that I would give them (to those who cannot visit abroad) is to make use of the fact that they can now learn with natives -even if they are not living abroad- in languing.com. Here they will be able to make new friends before they go to a new country and learn the language with people with whom they share interests, professions, age… 😉

The overall response and increase in number of online and regular users makes it clear that this startup is helping somehow in solving the language learning problem.

Meet the Team behind Languing

With every single member of Team is passionate and eager to help people around the world, the idea of the company is to connect  people around the world – as a way to help them learn and practice with other native speakers.

ALEJANDRO SAHUQUILLO, the CEO of Languing, created Languing after realising how difficult it can be to practice a language for those who don’t have so many travel opportunities.

Languing is output of hard work assembled not just by the CEO, but also with the eminent contribution by JORGE MARCHÁN ( Chief Technology Officer), JOSE JORDÁN( the Front-End Developer), NURIA DASÍ ( Chief Design Officer) and ZOE HARRIS (Chief Communications Officer).  They are ready to help 24/7, simply drop them a message.

Really fascinated about their team work, then why not invite them for coffee?

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