With giants like Zomato, FoodPanda, already on a boat sailing on the Sea of FoodTech market, the gap for new innovation, in this industry, appears very small. FoodbyMood, a food reviews and discovery app, endeavoured to fill this gap by setting up a creative web-portal to help people find their favorite dishes in a particular restaurant.

Founded on 16th October, 2014 which is recognized as World Food Day, FoodbyMood has an interesting story behind their launch of startup.

It was 2013, when Sangharakshak Neel, an IIT-B Alumni, decided to quit his one year old job in Imagination Technologies and believed his inner voice, a call for entrepreneurship. He then left for Bangalore to meet his brother Dhammachintak Neel, an IIT-B & IIM-A alumni, who was also working as a Product Manager in CommonFloor Groups. Sangharakshak explained us how did they got an idea to start their own venture, “To celebrate my decision to chart my own path, we went to a very well recommended seafood joint and as fate was to have it we had two really terrible dishes. We realized that if you could go so wrong at Bangalore’s best seafood joint, you could go wrong everywhere else. And FoodbyMood was born.

Later, they discussed the idea with their close friends Dheeraj Maurya, B.Tech from Palloti and Meenal Hatmode, from Priyadarshani College and four of them planned a way to launch their startup. After a year of launch, they released an App for their service.

Why FoodbyMood?

Deciding what to order in a restaurant is a huge dilemma for people, especially when they do not discover the special dishes of that restaurant.
Sanghrakshak said, “The menu gets passed on with people unable to decide. ‘Yaar mere liye bhi order karde‘, ‘Make it two cappuccinos! are not signs of bonding but rather signs of inability to decide without information. Imagine you are at a crossroad and have to decide which road to take without any directions. Bad, isn’t it? Now make it 100 roads at the junction. That’s how bad it is.” 

Every restaurant has its own recipes and all the cities are rich with amazing tastes of food, but it wasn’t so easy to discover it. Also, people want to eat awesome, every time, but nobody analyze the delicious cuisines, beforehand. And that’s how FoodbyMood forged their motto.

With FoodByMood app, users can not just review the food found across various restaurants, but also gets to know personalized food recommendations to determine “What to eat, and Where?”


How does FoodByMood maps their growth in the upcoming years?

The Nagpur based Food-startup has established a fantastic user base in Nagpur within a year and one can find delicious dishes in every corner of the city and every restaurant using their App.

When talking about their growth, Sangharakshak said, “We see growth through the addition of more cities to the FoodbyMood platform. We are aiming to be present pan India by end of 2016. We’ll be hitting the metros first before penetrating in all the Tier 1s and Tier 2s.

Also, they have a great revenue product model, which will be publicly released only when large user base is accumulated in each city and also predicting a hockey stick growth in both users and revenue after hitting Metro cities, added by Sangharakshak.

On a question being asked about how does FoodbyMood scales the growth of Food Market of India, he replied “In whichever segment India’s Food market grows, we’ll be scaling on that growth. In the larger scheme of things, we see ourselves to be driving that growth a few years down the line.

Be it a fine dining restaurant, a bar or a street food outlet, their platform meets across all the genres attesting to be the true food discovery app.

Wanna be a Moodie Foodie or the lord of tastes, The Food God?

FoodbyMood found an enlightening way to say thank you to the foodies for being awesome. This non-revenue generating activity is based on rank with each foodie is ranked at various levels. The highest rank owner is the Food God, with the starter being a Rookie Foodie. They believe, “Foodies love us back through their reviews, which in turns helps users discover food. It helps FoodbyMood deliver the promise of discovery of delicious food much better.

So, If you’re currently based in Nagpur, visit their website or simply log on to Google playstore to download FoodbyMood app and start reviewing your favorite dishes, immediately, to attain the Best Foodie of the Week rank, believe us they’ll make you famous within a week ;).

Let the real foodie in you, stand up!

How to use FoodbyMood App?

FoodbyMood has a lot to offer for its users and make them find their favorite food, easily.

Built with location-awareness feature both the website and the app has “Near me” option, which helps an user to find variety of cuisines, located in nearby restaurants relative to the current locations.

The app also recommends the user what to eat with a “Must try” option extended with the Super Menu of that restaurant and details.

FBM-Restaurant Screen - Must Try

Now, decide what to eat according to your mood with this exclusive food discovery app which will give you a mesmerising experience that will make you crave for more.

Founder’s Desk

FoodbyMood team

With Sangharakshak Neel running his own classifieds portal during his engineering days in IIT, Dhammachintak Neel heading a product management company, Common Floor Groups during after his IIM journey, Dheeraj Maurya with his work experience from Wipro Tech and Meenal Hathmode coming up with engineering experience in MSEDCL, they have joined hands together as co-founders and believe in taking FoodbyMood to global level by producing the best technology product and also determining the growth of company in the Foodtech ecosystem.

Team FBM has also expressed their gratitude towards Mehul and Priyanka for their creativity in Logo making, Aditya for marketing, Vikrant for his most treasured possession-his expensive DSLR camera and all other family members and friends who extended their hands for supporting FoodbyMood and making it a success.

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