• UP, Rajasthan severely affected
  • Over 124 people killed, 46 in Agra alone, worst hit
  • Power supply crippled, officials estimated infrastructure damage amounting several crores
  • Huge loss to standing crop
  • Thunderstorm expected in 13 states tomorrow

In what seemed to be an unusual wrath of nature, severely strong winds as fast as 130 km per hour, accompanied by heavy rains at some places left a trail of destruction and loss of lives. Over 124 lives were lost in the storm in north India while nature was also mildly furious in other parts of the country. The most affected states were Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and parts of Madhya Pradesh were also affected. Relief works are underway.

The sky in some parts of Rajasthan was covered with the dust storm on Wednesday evening. People have reported to have seen the storm approach as an opaque, speedy wave of dust, destroying everything coming in its path. Houses, trees, power supply poles came down one after the other, also causing severe damage to livestock and human lives.

The thunderstorm left 35 dead and over 200 injured in Rajasthan while also leaving the affected areas dark – power less and in dismay.

In Uttar Pradesh, about 73 people were killed while 91 others injured. Agra was the worst hit by the storm. Of the 73, 46 were killed in Agra alone. Since the Wednesday night storm, more than 1000 villages and surrounding district were left without any power connection. Electrical infrastructure and power supply network worth over Rs 8 crore was damaged in Agra and the neighboring areas.

PM grants Ex-gratia Relief

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleared an ex-gratia relief of Rs 2 lakhs each for the relatives of the victims. A compensation of Rs 50,000 was approved for the injured.

Fresh Warning for Storm in North India and Other Parts

resh warning for thunderstorms was issued in the states of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The meteorological department has also forecasted thunderstorm activities in the southern peninsular region along with the north-east and north-western region in the coming days. Thunderstorms are expected in as many as 13 states across the country tomorrow.

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