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While travelling back to home in Pune, he departed from Dhanbad Station on 18th December and reached at Kolkata station to board a train to Pune, Maharashtra. But unfortunately, it was found that he never arrived his home and neither did he came back to college, since then. Also, his mobile is switched off and his facebook and whatsapp remains unresponded.” said by one of the classmates of Anurag Jagtap when he was found missing while travelling home from Dhanbad.

Anurag Jagtap is a second year student of Mathematics and Computing Branch, studying in ISM Dhanbad. His family and friends are all putting their efforts in searching him and nobody knows the reason behind his disappearance. The incident like this gives a clear idea of Kidnapping because no other evidence or any source was found.

Family and friends are requesting help from Indian Railway because he was lost in Kolkata’s Railway Station. There is no response from Railway Authority yet, but the way this case is approached by students of ISM, Anurag’s Family and other supporters like us, it looks like very soon people will get to know, what happened actually.

Anurag’s appearance details were posted by one of his friend in his facebook account, which reveal that he had fair complexion, had curly hairs and was native Maharashtrian from Pune. Check his photo below.

At the time when he was lost, he didn’t had long hairs as seen on picture above whereas he wore the same dress.

If you find any information regarding Anurag, please contact ASAP on 07060245757.


Suke India request you all to spread this post and share the photos as much as you can, to let it visible to all the social media users. Once again we remind you that social media is so powerful that many people who were lost like this, were found somehow. So, it’s the time to help Anurag’s family to find their Son and help them anyway that is possible.

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