“Syberplace.com Cheating its Customers, made a fraud of many Lacs”


Type “Ecommerce frauds in India” and google displays over one lac results, showing how the ecommerce startups and even established companies are cheating their customers for company’s profit.

One such incident occurred with Ankit, where he ordered an iPhone 5s, a month ago, from an ecommerce website called syberplace.com and due to their irresponsive and misguided behaviour, one can easily doubt on their service. Is it a fraud? Let’s see!

This is what Ankit has to say for the recent fraud activity by the ecommerce startup, it is advised to read and share as much as you can, to create awareness about the frauds and cheatings followed by the startups and even some established companies.

I ordered an Iphone 5s 16 GB from Syberplace.com, of Rs. 19999.00, on 8th Feb 2016 by online payment . The order was confirmed and the Order ID is 100056516. They promised me to deliver the product within 8-13 working days. When I checked the status on their website (syberplace.com) it states that the order is confirmed and it was last updated on 8th Feb 2016. So to know the current status I tried to call them many times but no one picked the call and I didn’t get any revert call as promised me by IVR.

I also tried to reach their Facebook page and even messaged them about the status of my product on 24th Feb 2016. They replied me on 25th Feb 2016 with this statement:
Hello Ankit. We are really sorry for the delay. As we discussed with the higher authorities your product will be dispatched on Tuesday or before. We will also mark you a mail regarding this issue. Requesting for your patience.

As per their reply/promise my product should have been dispatched by Tuesday, but once again they breached the promise. They again requested me to keep patience and I waited till Thursday.

After waiting for a month, I messaged them via Facebook to either complete my order or return my money back on which they replied:
Sir, your product will dispatch on Tuesday or before. Please wait, if not then we will cancel your order and refund your amount.

Also the contact number: 04065521856 provided in their mail is always switched off. Moreover the Live support option that they provide on their website is not operational.

Now on 10th March 2016 and I tried to reach out on their customer care (08033646032) so many times but didn’t get any response. I also sent a mail to the founder Mr. Urvesh Goel, but disappointingly I didn’t get any reply. I even called him on his Cell Phone 9885301863, but he didn’t pick and sent me a message “Please Message“. Even after messaging the problem there were no reply from other side.

There are many other people who have also faced the same problem and are still waiting for the money to come back.

I have came across many links after searching over google which reveals about the fraud and deception that this company is doing.

Check the reference images in the gallery below:

For example:


I know many other buyers as well who are facing the same issues.”

Thanks for reading, wait, do not leave! Task is not yet done.

After reading it, please don’t forget to share it and ask your friends, colleagues and family to read it, so that we can altogether help others to not fall for such scams. Thanks a lot Ankit for spreading awareness and Sukeindia will try as much as we can to let the best happen with you. As we have helped Harsh to get payments for his laptop damage by DTDC.

The above story is customer experience, which needed public attention. Is there any similar story you wish to share it with public or wish to spread awareness about something? Send us at yourstory@sukeindia.com or simply fillout the form at our UrStory column.


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