Tears rolled down my eyes as would it do to anybody who watched the video. It has been a year to the infamous Peshawar school killing. Now, these little innocent kids have given the best answer one can give to terrorism. Terrorists must see this song. Not only terrorist but all those who have chosen violence or weapons as their option, you must relate yourself! Relate yourself with not only these kids, but with the message they gave. Your violence is your pleasure; you chose weapons not to protect, but to protest! And the worst, you enjoy your protest. Kids, who know only to love, who learnt friendship, and most of all, who were never “harm” to them, were killed. Terrorism, know where you stand! People, who support terrorism, even in the slightest of your thoughts, know where you stand! Your Terrorism is not meant for any cause, it’s meant to enjoy, enjoy by killing! And God knows who taught you that!

We, the neighbors!

For reasons best known to God, we have defined ourselves as arch rivals. Be it cricket, or hockey or politics. Yes! I am talking about the two neighbours, who had yet not been able to settle themselves at peace- India and Pakistan. All but one, both the countries suffered a hell lot of their common enemy – Terrorism! We have nearly adapted ourselves to news of these hopeless terrorist organizations attacking us again and again. However, the whole world went by shock when these merciless (terrorists, Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan) attacked a SCHOOL in Peshawar, about a year ago. Terrorism took its gift as usual. Dead bodies. And for them, the extra reward was the blood of hundreds of innocent children. Congratulations terror outfits and your terrorism! You won!
Wake up terrorists, it’s enough now. That wasn’t your battlefield, it was children’s playground. We are fed up of looking our brothers lying in blood. We cannot pick them up in pieces any more. We want even you to live a peaceful life and please LET US LIVE one too.


Indians or Pakistanis, we should stand together in our fight against terrorism. We are one, we should always be. We both want peace.

Dear Terrorists, Who are you…?

You are not animals. For if you are the ones to be compared with, we cannot abuse an animal, neither dogs nor pigs! You are adverse form of evil. What do you define terrorism as? For you terrorism is your service to God? For God’s protection? For your faith’s safety! Should somebody tell you, God does not need an evil’s protection. God does not need protection at all.

Which almighty do you pray? Islam is the 2nd largest religion of the world. The holy Quran is the most influential book of the world. The world is blessed with above 1 billion Muslims for whom the great Almighty never asked to pick guns and grenades to kill innocents, (and not at least children). That Almighty never asked to kill or slaughter people of other faith. That almighty too had taught but one thing, Humanity! You don’t worship that almighty! You worship Satan in the name of Almighty! Wake up terrorists, it’s enough now. That wasn’t your battlefield, it was children’s playground! They were not any danger to you. They are taught compassion and humanity. They are not taught what you are. Nobody is.

Terrorism has no religion!

In this part of the world, terrorism has been synonymous to Islam. Hence, sadly, common man has been relating terrorism with Islam. This may be because we always get to know or the media always covers them while the rests kinds of terrorism are never talked about generally. This results in the philosophy, “Every Muslim may not be a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim!” I deeply condemn such philosophy. We sincerely need to stop this. Terrorism is inhumane and has nothing to do with Islam which is a very pure religion by the way. Every religion teaches humanity. Terrorism kills it. Every religion teaches brotherhood. Terrorism preaches “hate”.
Muslims have suffered a lot due to this. Criticism, oppression, hate etc. they are suffering what they shouldn’t! All because of terrorist organizations who claim themselves to be Islamic! We people should be wise enough to accept this. If that won’t help, think why would a terror attack kill any Muslim then? They suffer as much as others do. Sometimes even more! People need to change the way they look at terrorism and Islam. Although this article reflects my views about organizations behind the “Peshawar army school attack”! India and Pakistan have suffered a lot due to religious terrorism. Even these Terrorists are not religious at all. They are demons!


Jihad, is a totally misunderstood concept, especially by us common people. And its nothing to be surprised about. When these terrorist, who call themselves “Mujahidin” (one who performs jihad) could not, common man is long away. It is hence necessary to understand what it is. We need to stop relating terrorism with Islam. Jihad is not about terrorism(according to what I read untill now.)

In my attempt to understand Islam, I met a Muslim family from my vicinity. I had some real satisfying answers. All that I understood was that Islam really is a noble and pure religion. When I asked what Jihad was according to the Holy Quran, they said, it was misunderstood concept(as I already stated above). While Jihad is about self Protection, terrorism is promoting intentional killing(which is not Islamic.) I also discussed issues which probably give rise to terrorism. Poverty, lack of opportunities, insecurity etc emerged among the main reasons. Rise in opportunities for development, equal treatment may help in uprooting terrorism. I have stated this below.

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Terrorism can end!

No doubt we cannot keep mum and they keep killing our brothers and now children even. At a personal level, however, I feel, fighting back with violence is not a complete solution to terrorism. Although I don’t have any better solution! Martin Luther king Jr. quoted, “Darkness cannot drive away darkness, only light can do that! Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that!” Hope this works for terrorism as well.
We need to study the root of terrorism. Why and where does it emerge? What is its genesis? Why terrorism propagates? May be that would help us. Even if not eradicating the existing terror blanket, but its growth. We can stop youths picking weapons. We can stop people choosing violence. Poverty, oppression etc. have been among the chief reasons of growth and inclination of people toward terrorism. We can help eradicate this.

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We need to propagate education. We need to propagate brotherhood. We need to root out any possibility which may give rise to any terrorist. Preach love. Preach equality. Preach humanity. Defy violence. Defy hate. We all want to live peaceful and happy lives. We are the one who can ensure it. And this does not need to be with any particular section of society. Even In India we have countable terror outfits. Naxals to note! Where do we fail? We are a secular democratic country. Even then we suffer these viruses. Why? What do we lack?

One year after The Peshawar Army School Attack

Terrorism has never been in my good books. By now at least I have seen a lot of what terrorism is. All I have learnt is, they know only to kill. If no, any terror outfit should come forward to explain why they chose this path. The whole world will let you justify. Let us know how you justify killing of innocent people. Let us know how you justify bombing buildings to rubble. Let us know how you justify mind washing a 20 year old mislead boy to become a dreaded terrorist Ajmal Kasab and kill hundreds. (He paid his price, he regretted). Let us know how you terrorists justify and how the “faith you preach” justify killing of 132 innocent school children. Let us know that please. And let the world tell you now, even if you someday justify yourself, the attack on the Army Public School, Peshawar will remain your identity forever. Nobody kills innocent children. We cannot expect mercy from you anyways. But we never expected this either. You have closed all doors of justification yourself. Do terrorists and those who propagate terrorism think they can evade the Judgment day when the whole humanity knows you are sinners. No you would never.

Last word…

Even if terrorism is not ready to accept this, we need to. They kill us, we kill them, they revenge, we revenge back. The cycle goes on. Is this going to stop someday? Yes, when either of us is finished, perhaps! Are we meant to keep suffering until then? We need to work for a better solution. We don’t want to leave behind a terrorized world to live in for our next generations. Neither us, neither the terrorists! Violence is never a solution. It will never be, rather. Drop weapons. Stop terrorism. If neither of us does, there’s no end. And for that Almighty’s sake, stop relating yourself with any religion. You are giving out a very dirty example of your devotion. You are responsible for leading people round the world against our Muslim brothers. You are responsible for the way people today look at my Muslim friends. Don’t do it. Stop it.
16th of December, 2014 was one of the worst days mankind has ever seen! A year past, we yet again pray for all those innocent children and people who lost their lives in the attack. We extend our prayers to the family of all those who have fallen to terrorism, like the victims of the recent Paris Bombings by ISIS, and others going worldwide. Terrorists are not humans at all. I urge the international community to be wise. Everyone in the world, even an atheist, Muslim or Non-Muslim is one. Let us not judge anyone by their faith or their customs.
Let us be Humans.


Disclaimer: We, common people usually connect terrorism and Islam. This should stop. This article does not intend to harm any Islamic sentiments, but is a personal attempt to raise awareness about the growing misconception. This article is also my personal message to all the working Terrorist Organisations around the world. The world is also full of secular people, you kill them even. Your message is clear, you are insane. You kill to enjoy. You live to preach hate. We live to promote brotherhood.

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  1. This article, if it reaches to the right people, would really be effective in changing their minds. Nice one. Keep writing and inspiring.

  2. Very well done… And so nicely written. I would like to appreciate your imagination for writing and as well as appropriate selection of pictures and content reflected from them. The pictures spoke a lot than you words…
    Very well done once again!!!!


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