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Everyone is equal before law. On September -2002, around 13 years ago, a vehicle rammed into the pavement, killing 1 and injuring 4 others. The Indian jurisdiction grossed it under culpable homicide, not amounting to murder.  Few days ago, the 13 year old mistake was brought to justice. And behold, 13 yrs? Where’s the speed of the judiciary? Why does our system take time so long? Why would a case file live as long as 13 yrs, and that too to result merely a 5 yrs RI term, with bail within hours? Salman Khan, a superstar, has a celebrity status; he gets bail even before the verdict gets frontline of newspapers. We find people, usually the fan base, blaming the jurisdiction for the conviction. Is law not equal for all? Why should a film star escape punishment?  Why doesn’t he deserve one?

Let’s look from the next corner.  Since the incident, Salman Khan’s timeline also changed. He started charity. He has done lots of nobility. Now, does that erase his crime? If so, should not every criminal do the same and escape? Is there a problem with people’s mindset or is there a problem with the system?

Courtroom is where, if the culprit enters, must fear detention and the victim, sense justice. On the contrary, the culprits, especially in our country would enter a courtroom fearlessly. They feel glad in the court. Court is known as the temple of justice, but what’s the output of a case in an Indian court? Truly defined in Sunny Deol’s dialogue from Damini, “Tareekh pe tareekh milti hai par insaaf nahi milta, milti hai toh sirf tareekh

People have already lost their faith in jurisdiction. The jurisdiction has even lost faith in people, I am afraid. If a commoner, a criminal by chance, is not punished, he along with the judiciary is cursed by people but if there comes out to be a “celebrity status” culprit, he enjoys privileges. If he is punished, he earns sympathy, support. The system gets blamed again. What exactly do people want? Do we understand our duality?

“Even after 13 years, the culprit is yet to be punished!” because he is not a celebrity;

“There’s no worth punishing him after 13 years!” because he is a celebrity.

Where is our stand? The system needs a change. People’s mindset need to change.  Everyone changes their vision according to the one in the culprit box. If he is just another criminal, he is looked upon with rage, even after years (which may have even changed him, time is the best medicine they say). If he is a celebrity, he gets sympathy (he may have changed or may not have). But because he is a celebrity he should not be punished. He does charity, he should be forgiven.

In superstar Salman Khan’s case,

He took a life but has saved thousands ” or  “He saved thousand lives but also took one”. Which one should be read?

The system needs a change, definitely it does. It’s not worth punishing somebody after 13 years of his mistake but is it worth to keep a victim longing 13 years for justice? Should the court decision become notorious or should it set an example. Will the change in system do it all? If not, where’s the solution? Think about it. Its within us, we are the change the system needs. We need to change our perspective. We need not be biased. Salman Khan is not the only one who was being convicted after years, we may find many examples. They are not celebrity; they are not Salman Khan, so they deserve punishment. Salman Khan doesn’t. Is this fair? Mistakes should be forgiven, or should be counted is also a really big topic. To forgive is not just, neither is to punish. Those who suffered, demand justice, the rich wins the battle. The victims are sleeping on the road, the culprit even if convicted (his sentence was dropped, as was expected) will definitely enjoy special status. And then they say, “Everyone is equal before law”.


Disclaimer: The above article is purely personal point of view of the author and is not intended to unnecessarily disrespect, hurt or defame any person, judiciary or the government. Feel free to rate and share your opinions on this topic. Comment below to let me know your views. Thanks for reading. Happy Suke-ing.

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  1. This was an amazing article written unbiasedly….
    Though we have the recent news of Salman Khan’s jail is being suspended..
    and coming back to your point.. i feel there was one thing court missed again..
    that was targeting to municipal corporations about ppl even today after 13 years do sleep on streets.. and are vulnerable to such accidents well cases like #SalmanKhan do happen all the time court should produce some real conclusions from such important cases coz when i read things about this case… it was almost cleared when salman’s lawyer mentioned it that we have paid 17 lacs(approx) to victim’s family and they were not against him anymore but later in 2012 Judge Deshpande held it as a case of Homicide and thats how problems began for Salman… Some real conclusions are needed though .. putting him in jail is not something valid coz he’s not a serial killer.. this is what i think.. nice work… keep writing..

  2. I agree with Mr. Kalambe, jailing Salman Khan would no longer mean anything while 13 years have already passed. The system needs to root the core reason out. There must b something govt can do for homeless people.


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