Think twice before hiring taxi online, sharing my TaxiForSure experience

Is online cab service, a scam?


A prestigious Taxi Booking company , TaxiForSure has served 30,00,000 customers across India, but have they served all of them properly?

I am about to share a small experience I faced with TaxiForSure which makes me think twice before booking a cab online.

It was 15th November when I booked a Taxi online to pick me up from Nizamuddin Station to Sec-126, Noida for the next day at 9:45 am. After registration and other stuffs, I received a confirmation mail reading, “Thanks! Booking ID TFS-PP-C42145392 is confirmed. Trip details 15 mins prior.TnC Apply“. So, I didn’t bothered much because I was sure that I will land up to the station parking Gate no. 1 and TaxiForSure cab will pick me and drop me up to my destination.

I received a service message that gave information about the driver named Yogender driving a Hatchback (can’t reveal the phone number and car number). So then I arrived to the landmark by 9:45 am and was staring all the cabs, as if this is the one where I’ve to go. But sadly they were not, and then I tried calling the number and it was not picked up for the first two times. I got a callback from the driver who just told me that he was on some other order and cannot come to pick me up. I was amazed. Because first I received his number and then he told me that he has already picked up someone and also he didn’t got any notification about my booking. Then I received this message “Beep Beep! Your Taxi has arrived. Happy Journey!“. And then immediately I searched their customer care number and called them, told them about current situation. I thought I’ll get a solution for this problem because I was totally relying on TaxiForSure to drop me home but sadly they said “Sorry, there’s no cab available near Nizamuddin station, so we cannot arrange one. Is there anything we can help you with, Sir?

I was wondering they cannot help me giving a ride to home how can they help me anyway? So I thought to hang up rather than wasting my money calling them again and again, but still as a part of satisfaction( according to them) they informed me that “We’ll consider your complaint against the driver and strict action will be taken“. But I am not at all concerned about making a hitch to someone’s career. And nextly, I was wondering if it was a fault of driver or the service of TaxiForSure because Yogender ji called me after 15-20 minutes asking me whether I got the solution or not and told me he was too far from the station so he is unable to come there. So it was fine for me but then I received a message again “Your fare: Rs. 66 (including service tax). Kindly pay the driver Rs. 66. Get your bill (at their website). Bill also sent to your email ID. Thanks!” This message made me call them up again and ask them what for they are charging me, finally they said this bill can be cancelled and we ensure to take strict action against driver. Finally, there was no hope to get a cab from TaxiForSure so I left the place hiring an auto to Indraprastha (from other side of station). They called me once after an hour, but it was too late though I couldn’t pick up their call as I was busy travelling.

So, I am not sure if it was any technical issue or poor service or driver’s fault, whatever it may be, customer needs should be satisfied first and then proceed to anything else. Imagine if I was in hurry to attend any meeting or anything very important and if I was waiting for their service for the whole hour, what it would be like?

I’m not interested to fire someone and pull him out of his job and also not interested to give a bad review about any company and call it scam. But, days ago TaxiForSure asked me to review their service to their given mail Id , so better, I thought rather than giving a review, I should share my experience with my readers and people who hire taxis for travelling. I don’t want you guys to step out travelling with TaxiForSure or any other cab booking company, just because of this one incident, but be aware and not totally rely on them.

It is for sure that these incidents have occurred with you, at least once (or not). If yes, I would like to hear them in comments section below. Or anyone interested to share a similar story like this, please visit and fill the form in “Ur Story” column of this website. We would like to hear your stories and would like to share them with public to raise awareness and get attention, so that it won’t happen next time with anybody else.

Thanks for Reading! Hope it was worth reading and was not intended to give any hard feelings to its officials or customers.

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December 3, 2015 – TaxiForSure, after reading this post, decided to call me and take notice of what happened that day. I spoke what I actually wanted to. Hope they do their service properly next time.
They have also responded to the tweets I did this morning.

Well, now that’s the power of sharing ur story. Stay Updated for more of such stories. Or do you have any story or message to share with public? Mail us at or just fill up the form on “Ur Story” column of this website.

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