Top 5 Animals That Do Drugs


Aware of humans involved in drug abuse, but ever thought about animals involved in it?
It’s said, Animals that drugs are hilarious. Some of them do for beneficiary effects while some do just because of their habits. We can’t blame them for getting indulged into narcotics abuse. While the only thing we can do is to not let them give us ideas or promote drug abuse in our lifestyle.

Here’s a list of some 5 druggies that their habits may literally kill you.

1. Fruit Flies
A study on alcohol being conducted showed the results that Fruit Flies process alcohol much similar to that of humans. Male fruit flies are highly attracted to alcohol when they are facing a heartbreak, just like humans do when frustrated.



2. Elephants
If you think it’s not possible then look out for African jungle stories where Elephants get Drunk in the wild. The reason specified is because they eat Fruit of the Marula tree. Some doubts are held whether they eat rotten fruits or fresh fruits directly from trees. But the thing is as soon as they have it, they become aggressive,unruly and desirous of more booze. So you can imagine how comical the result is.



3. Birds
Ever heard of Anting or a bliss? This is a common birds practice done by some smarter birds like Raven, Magpie and even Crows. They sit on an Anthill so that hundreds of ants crawl over their body and they allow the ants to rub all over themselves, so that they secrete acid. That helps in killing undesirable ticks, mites etc. and makes the ants safe for consumption.

Birds are so addicted to Anting that they may even promise you to sing a song if you find a anthill for them. Imagine how fabulous it should be , no?


4. Horses
When horses get drunk they act crazy. Their habit starts with normal feeding of locoweed, which is highly toxic plant. So it’s obvious that horses will seek it out and eat as much they can, also it’s the only plant available to hungry herds during cold weather.
And soon as they get habitual of it, they are hooked up and then do not go for any other options to eat. They become uncontrollable , motionless sometimes drooling into a wall, excessive salivation and many more.



5. Chimpanzees
They are just like humans, aping all their acts and trying them in their own ways. Lot many news are filled over internet about smoking by Chimpanzees , also it seems like they do face sexual frustation like any human does. Chimpanzee Smokers are mostly found around zoo because most of them imitate the zookeepers. There are few chimps who are trying hard to get rid of smoking habit, so if they can do ,so you can!



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