Nation pays homage to the Martyrs who suffered and struggled for Freedom and Welfare of India.

We all know 30th January every year, assassination of Gandhi, is remembered as Martyr’s Day in the memory of martyrs and freedom fighters who sacrificed everything for the country. But very few of us are so aware that there are four days in a year which are declared as Martyr’s day. One of them is 23rd March. Yes, you’re reading it right.

On 23rd March, 1931 freedom fighters Bhagat Singh along with Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar were hanged to Death.
The legacy is still remained in the heart of Indians that keeps us all inspired for ever. They were the ones who fought against British for freedom of India at very young age and their sacrifice was an important catalyst for India’s Independence. That is what makes them #Realheroes of our nation.  Let us all take a moment to appreciate them and remember those because of whom we are free today.

This is a short film by “Desi Talkies” which made an attempt to let us remind of those who did a lot for this nation and deserve to be remembered forever.

We at Suke India made an approach to celebrate “Martyr’s Week” event throughout this whole week. If anyone among you is interested and wish to dedicate any content like an article ,video, photography, art or any event related to these martyrs please feel free to post.
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  1. Swatantrya Veer Sawarkar is the only person in Maharashtra who had given us the maximum marathi words to conversate and express our views and emotions..


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