So, Valentine’s Day- here it is…

Finally, the day for which not only every couple eagerly awaits, but also the “would be” Love Birds too are ready for their Chance Pe Dance!
Two souls, madly in Love with each other, just holding hands-never to leave, simply Loving each other more with every passing day and keeping up the promise of Being together till Eternity; Don’t you think must have been the idea of ‘Celebrating Love’, of course our Valentines!
But, looking around today, is this retro charm still restored or has it been lost amidst the materialistic world, where the idea of Valentines makes the lovers think about the expensive gifts and ways to save and manage their pocket money (!) instead of dreaming about a well spent day in their beloved’s company, an evening alongside the sea or rooftop with dim lights, little music, holding each other’s hand and living up the dream of togetherness…
WOW! Who won’t just love the idea that they were gifted the most expensive gift-Time-a portion of their partner’s life which would never come back; just the company being so priceless-who would ask for more! Also to add up the cherry on top of the cake-a surprise-a handwritten note telling your partner how lucky you are to have them in your life… Your partner is sure to get-off their feet!
If a simple greeting, an ice-cream could do all the magic then why worry about the expensive? It’s not that being materialistic is wrong but what’s the new deal in it?
Confused? Ok, so receiving a Rose on Rose Day won’t be a great surprise! Instead why not give a favorite thing of your Gulabo(sweetheart) and melt away her heart. Gotcha? And yeah, be ready for the shower of Love for rest of the month/year, who knows the limit!
Gifting her ring or a teddy will always be trendy, but if you really want to keep up the essence of pure Love, you got to work hard. So, for couples with lots of love but little kadki(less money) in their pockets and also the rich lads out there, why not make some efforts to add that little missing Charisma to your routine love life…!
Celebrate your Love by making your loved ones realize their Worth through your eyes… Take few tiny steps and trust me, your everyday will be no less than the Valentine’s. The forthcomings are not too new boys, but yeah, if you genuinely put in the efforts, then there’s no need for any other Paradise for you both…

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Let me take you through some important relationship tips.

Respect:– It’s all about Respect my boy! It’s the game-changer. Doesn’t matter what you do, how you look! As long as you genuinely respect your partner, their individuality, their dreams, their space; they are all yours! And most importantly Never ever Compromise with your own SELF-RESPECT.

Understanding:- No matter how much you love your girl, if you both have got no understanding, everything’s in vain. Try to see things through their point of view. Keep your point in an understandable manner instead of shouting and spoiling things further. Keep check on your anger, be patient.

Communication:-This is the missing piece nowadays. With WhatsApp in hand, all people do is the job of a reporter. Come on dude! Do actually “listen and talk”. Listen; do not just wait to give a reply bluntly. If something’s bothering you, keep your thing in a polite way and work on to fix the things instead of playing the Blame-game.

Past is Gone!:– Everybody has made mistakes in the past, including you, & so did your partner. Do not dig out spoiler things from the past to ruin your present. If you really want to be together, make settlement with the past. Discuss, clear-up the things for once and for all. Dump it all there.

Make Time:– This is very essential to keep up the spark alive. You sure can take out some minutes from all long 24hrs; you will never want your sweetheart to go to bed upset. If u can’t meet, make a call; if u can’t call, a simple text message will also do. Just let your better half recognise your efforts to be constantly in touch with them, no matter what. Your act will surely be appreciated. ;).

Transparency(not hiding things from your partner), settling fights before going to bed & starting the new day freshly and many more small modifications are sure to eliminate the virus called Misunderstanding and Separation from your Main Memory!
Do activate this plan of Antivirus, (with no expiry!) & let us know whether and how it worked for you!
Till then FEEL THE LOVE and SPREAD HAPPINESS!! N Yeah, here’s Wishing u all guys out there…


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