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The cogent reasoning of an engineering student, and the creativity of an artist, are the two remarkable gifts that one can dream to possess. Vinay has it all!

This time we have featured an interview with Vinay Goudar, who’s not just a photographer, but also an engineering student who recently got hired by Volkswagen Hubli as a Marketing Executive, which will credit him to forge a better portfolio in future. We thank him to spare his hours to help us get over this worth read interview.

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Interview By: Sanket Kalambe

Personality#2: Vinay Goudar, A Freelance Photographer

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Suke India: Tell us about yourself.

Vinay: Well, I come from a city named, Hubballi in Karnataka, also known as Chota Mumbai due to its commercial establishments. I’m studying my graduation here, in Electronics & Communication from B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology.

Coming to my family concern, my father is a Civil Engineer and my mother is a home maker. I have a sister. She’s studying her Diploma in Computer Science.

My favourite past times are getting together with my friends and family, reading random articles online, going on a ride/a drive.

I’m a go-getter kind of person. I’ve been told in the past that I couldn’t do something that I’ve been trying or wanting to do. But they just gave me another reason why I would want to do it.

Ones discouragement has always been my biggest strength.

Suke India: How did you get into photography, as you were already busy with your college stuffs?

Vinay: I guess I have got into photography even before I knew what it was. I have a few good shots that I have clicked from my school days, when I had no idea what photography was exactly about. But yeah, once the college phase began it was really hard to make out time for a shoot, because then I had a few responsibilities to take care of. I used to try and make time for it as often as possible. When I couldn’t have enough of it, I chose to BUNK a semester last year and got into Travel Photography, travelling around Assam, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. It wasn’t the right decision to make, neither would I want anyone of you doing the same. But then, it was worth it!

Clicked in 2009 – © Vinay Goudar Photography

Suke India: What are the gears that you use for your photography?

Vinay: Initially, I began shooting with a point and shoot camera, Sony DSC-H300 and then bought a Canon 1200D + 15-55mm + 55-250mm, and have been using it for a year now. I would always recommend a Canon 1200D for a beginner because it is better for a photographer to buy a basic DSLR model and work on it for as much time as possible.

I, most of the times use the basic editing options you get in an image viewer to keep it as much original as possible. Also, I use Adobe Photoshop, when the picture requires many more editing options than just what the image viewer provides you.

Suke India: So, what’s your genre in photography and why did you choose it?

Vinay: I have no particular genre. I click what I think needs to be clicked, or something that tells a story. Most of my initial shots were that of birds, because they were easy for me to find them here, for I couldn’t travel far because that would require a little investment which I was short of. And, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You always need to start shooting with what’s around, something that is unique about the place where you stay.

Talking about why I chose photography, it is actually more like photography chose me. It’s like I have always had it in me or you can say that I have always wanted to.

When I was a kid and my parents used to take me and my sister out for a picnic then the camera section always used to be mine and the posing now and then used to be my sisters’. I used to enjoy it so much that the random people who saw me there, used to ask me if I could take a picture of theirs on their camera. Oh! Probably because selfie wasn’t invented yet, then.

Suke India: What are your interests, apart from photography?

Vinay: If it wouldn’t have been photography, it would’ve been soccer. Or maybe singing, acting or modelling. Apparently!

Suke India: Still in graduation, would you like to go fulltime in photography or would continue it as a hobby, or say pastime, after studies?

Vinay: The plan is to work a corporate job for a few years, after graduation to earn investments for full-time photography in the later years. Doing what you love after you get a graduation degree is better, because that way you will have a corporate job as a backup, practically speaking.

Suke India: Tell us about your best and worst moment in life.

Vinay: The best moment was when I got a shot of a beach while risking my gear to the water, because it was worth it. The worst moment was when I was told that it would cost me 10K to get it repaired.

Layers – © Vinay Goudar Photography

The shot which I risked my gear for.

Suke India: Who is your favourite photographer and which page/channel/photographer would you recommend your fans & friends to follow?

Vinay: My favourite photographer is Auditya Venkatesh. I would recommend them to follow Sudhir Shivaram Nature & Wildlife Photography on Facebook for tips on photography and post processing.

Suke India: What are your dreams that you wish to pursue in future?

Vinay: Chevrolet Camaro.

Suke India: When you capture something, why do you think it needs to be shot and how much effort it takes to get a perfect focus over it?

Vinay: There are going to be different reasons for every different shot. For instance, I click a picture of a bird, that would be to know its posture, to understand how it flies, how it lands or maybe because I haven’t seen one like that ever before. You shoot people because you want to tell their story through your photographs. Or also showcase your photographs to create awareness for a particular cause. So, that’s how it is – Every Unique Picture Has It’s Own Unique Reason.

Talking about getting a perfect shot one needs to stay focused over the subject. Requires a lot of patience, especially when clicking a moving subject, like this one shot I’ve clicked, captioned – “Layers”. I shot it in a beach named Apsarakonda. It’s heavy waves rushing towards the shore are very hard to focus on. I had to spend half an hour having half of my body under the water, to get a perfect shot. I had to balance my gear and focus on to the object simultaneously, making permutations and combinations with changes in a single parameter for every change in other parameters and get a shot.

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Suke India: How do you think you meet up with the expectations of your friends/fans/admirers?

Vinay: I make experiments with my work. Because everyone wants to see something new every time. And New isn’t just about experimenting with exposures or adding Photoshop to it, but also about how beautifully you portray what you want to say through your photograph. It is okay if few of them don’t work, because then they’re going to teach you lessons, which would just make you better.

Suke India: Do you like travel photographyAny future plans about it? 

Vinay: Of course, I do. Who wouldn’t want to travel and do what he loves doing the most?

I have been to places nearby, most of them being small villages. My favourite among them was Mundgod, a place of Monasteries. I got to shoot monks doing their rituals and their day to day activities. Apart from that, I have been to Mysore for shooting Wildlife and Bird, to  Hyderabad and Assam for a wedding shoot, which I do only for my closed ones, and also to Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

As for now, there’s no bucket list been made yet. But yeah, it is going to begin with Goa.

Suke India: What are various niche of photography and which one would you like to pursue in future?

Vinay: Wedding, Events, Editorial, Nature, Fashion, Wildlife, Commercial, Product, Food, Portrait, Tabletop, Fine Arts and Sports and many more.
For me it would be Wildlife Photography.

Suke India: You’re an aspiring photographer with a big ambition; there are many people who wish to pursue photography either as a hobby or as a career, any tips or suggestions to them?

Vinay: Keep your work as original as possible.

There will be moments when you would just want to stop shooting and go find another job. That will be the moment you will know if you ever really loved it. Take a moment for yourself and rethink what all you’ve been through if you have, for one single shot. Because every photographer has that one single shot in his life which he would have done anything for. He would’ve had wanted to get that into the frame that badly.

If you haven’t had that moment yet and you already feel like you want to quit then, QUIT!

Wishing all of them the very best.

Suke India: Any suggestions or requests for our website?

Vinay: I would suggest you to create a contact between the entrepreneurs and the customers. You can create a tab on your column about entrepreneurs, job seekers and consumers, job providers, so that it could be easy enough for them to find and contact each other.

Suke India: We will definitely work over it. Thanks!


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