There’s no resource available on earth that could ever beat Technology, when we talk of making life easier. Of course, technology has led to new advancements in the society as a result of which, inventions like 3D Printers, Social Networks, Online payment gateways, and many more came to being. In the upcoming years, it is also expected that A.I powered robots, machines, supercomputers will take the charge to control the world with Humans. But, as we know every aspects of life has a flip side and so does Technology. The more advanced it gets, the more it ruins the human lifestyle, how?

How much is 5 when divided by two?

Once upon a time, when you were a kid, attending the primary school, how many times did you go for a calculator when your teacher asked you a math question?

kids calculator technology ruins lifestyle

For sure the sums were not big enough (like complex multiplication and huge sums), but the basic ones.

Today, the scenario is quite different where children cannot make an effort to solve sums on their own because of the availability of tools like calculators and mobile phones. This is happening with the primary level kids, forget the situation of High School students.

Although, it is good to speed up with the tools available, but limiting your abilities is not an option.

Lifestyle Error 404: Sleep Not Found

couples technology ruins lifestyle insomnia
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Suffering from Insomnia is the new trend among the present generations and when you ask the specifics, the answer would be either chatting/texting or movies and gaming.

In a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) researchers, it was found that 70 percent of people living in Delhi are suffering from sleeping disorders. The primary reason for the disorder was internet addiction, television, mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets.

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It is advised that you should not watch television or use your mobile phone, at least 1 hour prior to sleep. Violating this will keep your brain turned on while you sleep and hence, it won’t be able to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, resulting in frequent awakenings in the middle of night, or you wake up “sleepy”.

Living in your own Space? Well, You’re Missing something…

In the business sector, building connections is a mere talent. At the personal level, making friends out of nobody, is another achievement. But, in the world of networking not everyone has that ability to develop relations with people or simply go for a gossip talk.

networking technology ruins lifestyle

There are people, who enjoy their personal space and no doubt, it is good, but sometimes it makes them vulnerable.

Yes… Vulnerable to social media! Although, many extroverts do enjoy social media, but the extent of usage is not as same as that of people who enjoy personal space and are using social media tools to kill their loneliness.

The addiction of social media may make them miss the real conversations happening around. We see a lot of youths, as well as kids wearing headphones to enjoy music, movies or any audio related stuffs and this is cool! But ignoring what’s going on in your surrounding and not interacting with the world, shows your wretched social skills.

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Technology ruins Lifestyle… and our Ability?

No doubt, the evolution of technology from the print era to the modern online era has advanced a lot of things. However, the ability of humans to believe in themselves is falling with the same rate at which this advancement has occurred.

evolution of technology ruins lifestyle


We are becoming dependent on these tech gadgets, which we define as the tools to improvise our living. Instead of improving our lifestyle (which they are doing at some extent), they are making us more addicted to them. Let’s talk about some real life instances.

  • Waking up to an alarm became a habit, such that you won’t even think of waking up on your own.
  • We depend on social media for everything, like gossiping with a friend or waiting for our friends to tag on a random post and then relating things with ourselves, which triggers our body dopamine level, causing mood swings.
  • Automated systems like home automation, apps for food delivery are very useful today. But the reduction in human efforts (except for the service providers) has affected the physical activity involved.

Being dependent on technology is fine, but exploiting the available resources could affect you somehow. So, you cannot directly say technology has ruined everything, because we have just discussed the technicality of the side effects it can possess.

techonology ruins lifestyle teenagers

Teenagers Using Mobile Phones

Technology has so far brought many changes and it will continue to change the society in its own way. What matters is how do we utilize it at a proper potential to get good results and not overuse or use it for “bad means” to harm others.

What is your opinion about Technology? Let us know and share it with your friends if you find the above discussed reasons, relatable.

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