Exercise is the golden rule to stay fit and healthy. Doing it regularly, yields the best results. But what if one day you stop doing exercise?

Planning a schedule and then sticking upto it is a painful task. When most people hit the Gym, they find it strenuous to remain consistent in their routine. One day, they lose all the motivation and end up having adverse effects, totally opposite to what they had thought of, before joining Gym.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Exercising

What happens to your body when you stop exercising

First, the efficiency to do a particular exercise or routine will decline. Then, you’ll slowly start growing fat and the obsession with junk food or, oily stuffs will make it even worse.

The Muscle Cells which grew during the workout period, will tend to become smaller and make you feel bloated from growing fat cells.

If you don’t start exercising back soon, there is a chance that you will feel depressed of your body changes and the less activity of body possessing higher amount of fats will result into rise in blood pressure and also certain cardiovascular diseases.

Obesity caused will also lower down your self esteem and to push it over is gruelling, when you’re going through depression.

Rest Is Important To Recover Better From Harder Workouts

High Intensity Workouts, or the Harder Workouts create a deep impact on body muscles. Hence there is a need of recovery soon after the exercise. But sitting down on the couch, right after the workout is not a solution. Try to remain active, either by walking for a few minutes on the track or simply doing cool down exercises to lighten up the muscles and feel free.

Because if you just sit around after that hard workout, you are going to lose that fitness way faster than you think.

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Here’s a clip from Tech Insider, explaining what happens when you stop exercising.

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