Does Oscars Love Method Actors More? Here’s Why…


When Heath Ledger was accounted for the role of Joker in ‘The Dark Knight (2008), he decided to get into the character’s shoes before performing it. He locked himself away for a month, maintained a little diary and experimented a variety of voices and different kinds of laughs. His intense experiment ended, making him a psychopath who then had little to no conscience of any acts. He actually got sunk into the character of joker. The rest is history!

Leonardo Di Caprio ate a raw bison liver in order to live his role while shooting the movie, Revenant.

Why do they go to such extreme levels, just to get into the character?
Well, it’s an art. An art known as Method Acting!

Konstantin Stanislavski and the Modern Method Acting

Does Oscars love Method Actors - An Actor Prepares "Konstantin Stanislavski'
An Actor Prepares – Book by Konstantin Stanislavski

Modern method acting is evolved by Konstantin. It is based on a system developed in Soviet Union to train actors. The system involves actors to understand their role by relating themselves to the characters, drawing on their own experience and imagination.

Actors who follow intense training in method acting, go extreme and then coming back from the role seems difficult.

Daniel Day- Lewis, Tom Hanks, Christian Bale are some best examples. But the question is, are all performances involving intense method acting really worth?

Well, Oscars love method actors. Let’s a take a look –

Why The Oscars Love Method Actors?

Stats reveal, since 1951, out of 132 Oscars awarded to Best Actors and Actresses – 59 Oscars were won by actors trained in method acting.

33 of the 59 Academy awards went specifically to those who involved method acting training to prepare for the role.

So, Method Acting is secret for winning Oscars? Maybe not.

leonardo-di-caprio -academy-awards

Or, Maybe Yes.

Leornardo Di Caprio was nominated five times for an Oscar before Revenant (2016), which involved a method acting role.

Not just Leonardo, but all the actors who use method acting techniques have done some of the most memorable performances ever and their work is not just appreciated by the Oscars Jury, but also the movie buffs.

So, Who’s your favorite method actor?
Let us Know.

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