I had recently read a story in a Moral Science book of class 10th, a story about humanity. And I find a need to share this story in my own words with you all, a story of a small boy. There was a small boy, Arun who was handicapped, unable to play and do his daily chores like a normal person do. One day, Arun was passing by a ground with his father. He found a group of boys playing cricket and he wished to play with them. So he asked his father whether he could go and play. Knowing the reality, that the boys won’t allow him to play, his father was in a great confusion. But just for the desire of his son, he went to a boy from the group to ask whether his son could play with them. Surprisingly, the boy didn’t refused and permitted Arun to play for their team. Even though, their team was at the verge of losing, they took a chance.

When the last second wicket was down, they sent Arun to bat. For that instant, they kept their winning aside. The bowler of the opposite team realized their thought and bowled him a simple bowl which he could easily hit. Unfortunately, he missed the bowl but luckily managed to hit the next bowl. Everybody cheered him to go for a run. Though, the bowler could easily hit the wickets, he threw the ball somewhere else. Everyone was trying to build his confidence and he ran to take the second run. The ball went near a fielder and knowing the intention of his team’s bowler, he didn’t hit the wickets. Arun’s team members again encouraged him to run to take the third run. They did actually encouraged him to run for his life, for his confidence and because he would be able to live rest of his life as a winner. They put forth an example of love and humanity. Arun died after two months of this incident. But the life he led for this two months, more than anything, he was simply happy. He loved himself and so the world around him. May be this wasn’t a big deal for the group of boys but this small act of love has turned Arun’s entire life.

Think of what would have happened if the boys playing on ground would have refused Arun’s father to let him play with them. Even our small deeds could be a reason for someone’s smile. I hope this small story would bring a change in our way of living.

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