The human civilization has crossed more than 10,000 years of its existence. We live on a land which was one of the oldest civilizations that existed on the earth. We have seen many royal dynasties and kingdoms on our motherland. We have sensed Citizenship. We have sensed Slavery. Today, India stands independent as one of the world’s largest democracy.

From the initial stages of the human evolution, youth is the most talked about stage of human life. Just like the present era, the old Bharatvarsha has also seen great kings, warriors, the slave British India has seen great national leaders who every now and then remained in the limelight much because of their great works and more specifically, they were young when they achieved their respective feat.

Every era has given due importance to the “Generation X” they had. There was a great significance of youth power years ago and nothing has changed since then. Youngsters are known to be the phase changers of the society and the future of the nations, which is why every important aspect related to the development of the country requires heavy contribution from its hot blooded population.

Coming towards the title, “Youngsters and the Political dilemma”, Dilemma? Seriously, you might be thinking why and how politics can be a dilemma for us? This is not what only I am supposed to tell. Spare a second of your busy lives to think about the politics of our country.

What do we find? Let us personalize and cartoon our findings. If I am not wrong, here is what most of us will find, “ an old man, with glasses holding a stick of POLITICAL POWER, stepping upon values like honesty, wearing clothes decorated with corruption and the most predominant thing will definitely be the Gandhian cap of experience”. Agreed?

We are a country with more than half of our population being in the age group of 20-30yrs. That means our vote bank largely comprises of youngsters, fresh minds, novelty of thoughts, but even then, after the election results come out, the same percentage is of wrinkled faces and white hair elected to serve the government and the country. Is something wrong in our country? Where does our new approach go when we elect, not a young face but a person who would have already been retired from his service if he was in one?

When we think about these things, we conclude, which young lad or lady contests elections? Okay let us evaluate, any student will be sufficiently educated by his/her late twenties. Now according to our constitution, to be elected as the president/ vice president or the governor, one needs to be at least 35yrs of age (and an MLA, 25yrs, an MLC 30yrs), but to believe what we see, it should be minimum 55 yrs, and don’t forget “#at least”. Then what about retirement? Never! We have never seen any president or Governor in this age limit but definitely have seen “Dadaji” type people on the seat. Where is our GenX?? It is a matter of fact that the average age of the present parliament members is 53 years. Shocking? Minimum is 30; average is a whopping +23 years! Again, where is our GenX?

Sadly, we have very finite number of young leaders in the parliament.

People who support the wrinkles would say, running a government needs experience. Fine! Definitely it needs. But of what use is this experience if it cannot act as a guide to any young face. Do experienced leaders themselves need the seat always? Are they not capable of helping somebody young and dynamic, maybe inexperienced, to do the same thing they used to do since the time they were on the post?

Amazing fact! Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was India’s youngest prime minister. He was 40 years when sworn in as the PM. Friends, that was decades ago. Where are we now? No matter, the leadership now our country has is also good, effective but, wouldn’t it have been more effective if the man/woman on the chair was a ‘Yuva’?

Why is politics a dilemma for youngsters? People who have been serving in politics for more than 20 years still have greed for power. Politicians in their late 60s and 70s still contest elections. Where will the youth go? Are we only limited to the ‘Yuva wing’ of political parties? Why doesn’t an experienced party leader proclaim that a young fresh face will contest the elections this time and that he himself will back him with his experience? Are all our leaders greedy for power? Are youths used only as propagandists of election campaign? And then lastly, is this why youngsters are not enthusiastic to join politics?

Recently the ‘NaMo’ phenomena and the ‘Main hu Aam Aadmi’ phenomena have greatly increased the interest of the youth in politics. Delhi has already got a young leader. When will we as a country get one? The national average age of all CMs in India during 2013 was 60.96 {In spite of 4 young chief ministers Hemant Soren (Jharkhand), Akhilesh Yadav (UP) and Omar Abdullah (J&K), also including Arvind Kejriwal, during his first tenure as the CM}. So, at the age when the government drives people away from their service, these people drive the government. Interesting, no?

Politics today stands as one of the most effective way to serve our country, especially for us youngsters since we have enlightened ourselves with values like honesty, and our thoughts against the bugs in the system like corruption. We therefore, need to take interest in our country’s politics and give ourselves an energetic and dynamic leadership enriched with new thoughts and ideas which would help us become a developed nation.

Disclaimer: The above article is exclusively personal opinion and does not intent to hurt someone’s political faith or defame any national political leader or party. Your opinions and ideas are most welcome. Do comment your views on the topic. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Definately a good one. I agree that there has been increase in the youngster’s inclination towards politics since the Lok Sabha elections, but this is not actually towards politics but particular political parties. Youngsters easily get appealed by ones in power or influence and make their drive towards them.
    Anyways the article was really good. Keep writing such posts more.


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